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November 6, 2023

     Winter sports are beginning in school. Sophomore wrestler Leuia vai fanua o Tuimanu'a Manuia l’atala (goes by Via) covered her feelings on the sport. Other winter sports include girls and boys basketball, girls swim and dive, and girls and boys wrestling. 


     “I feel like I take a lot of life lessons from being able to wrestle. Learning everyday life lessons by being able to play sports such as wrestling is its significance that takes a toll on you,” Tuimanu'a Manuia l’atala said.





     Wrestling is a type of martial art that is known to immediately get down to the rough and gritty on the floor, which the main focus is grappling, and is accomplished by obtaining a certain position and performing strategic techniques to have the advantage against your opponent. Successful people in life are humble in their lines of work and humble towards people they encounter on a daily basis. Doing such applies to both sports and real life situations.


     “Well I’d like to say our team is humble,” Tuimanu'a Manuia l’atala said. “I say that because wrestling is very humbling since you get your body slammed to the ground but that’s also another reason why you shouldn't give up just because things don’t go as planned.”


     Next, coaches have been putting major influence on the fall and winter sports teams and will depict on how the season will turn out. Coaches help and guide their team by teaching them things and building a bond with them that will never go away and always stick with them. Things such as discipline, sportsmanship, not giving up, that coaches enforce are things that make a team a team who is destined for greatness.














     “Listening to the coaches' experiences and learning from them is what teams need to do in order to evolve and grow into something better than we were last year. When it comes to playing sports, growth is mandatory,” Tuimanu'a Manuia l’atala said.


     By Fall sports doing so well such as the boys soccer team winning so many of their games, that sets the expectations high for our upcoming winter sports teams. For example, a team having a whopping losing streak will lose people's interest and will discourage them from wanting to play and even attend the games. That is why it is important for our athletes at RHS to have a passion about playing sports so the audience can see them using everything in their power to represent the school they play for so the rest of the 1,400 students and parents won’t be let down.  Even though fall sports did well overall and tried their best, that doesn’t mean winter sports will turn out the same way so setting high expectations isn’t the way to go. Just by wishing them well and supporting them no matter what, is what RHS is all about. Regardless of the number of wins and losses.


     “I do think sports affect our school image. I think people tend to look at us as an easy win like for example the soccer team was doing really well and have been kicking butt so teams like that doing well sets up a high expectation for upcoming winter sports since fall sports go so well,” Tuimanu'a Manuia l’atala said.

Photo by: Lauryn Blake

Photo by: Lauryn Blake

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