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Review of the Best and Worst Thanksgiving Foods

Ranyah Rawlings, Reporter

December 9, 2022

     Everyone has a food that they look forward to for Thanksgiving.


     The thing that I look forward to every Thanksgiving would have to be turkey. Turkey is almost everyone's favorite Thanksgiving food. I have not always been a fan of turkey but the past couple of years I have definitely been craving it. This Thanksgiving my mom smoked it on the grill and it was by far the best turkey I ever had. Turkey is definitely at the top of my list.

     Next would be ham… sweet juicy flavory ham. Thanksgiving is the only time out of the year that I eat ham. Something that I look forward to every year. I don’t eat pork but I always make an expectation for one day out of the year for ham. The flavor of ham makes me think that it is not even pork.

     One Thanksgiving food that I lost interest in is macaroni and cheese. You know how as you grow older and dont like something anymore?  Well that is me with macaroni. It is sad to say because I loved it as a kid but I grew out of it. My replacement for macaroni is mashed potatoes, I love mashed potatoes more than I love macaroni and cheese. My best foods are ham, turkey, chicken, mashed potatoes and my grandma’s famous green beans. My worst foods are Sweet potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and macaroni and cheese.

     My favorite Thanksgiving dessert is peach cobbler. This has been a favorite for about three years now. When I was introduced to it, I fell in love with it. It is weird but I only like the juice from the peaches and the crust, I don't like the actual peaches. And it is much better when you pair it with some vanilla ice cream.

     A Thanksgiving food that is the worst is stuffing, Even though I never tried it I do not like it. I don't even like any of the ingredients that are used for it, like all the vegetables that are in it. The appearance, colors, and the smell of it doesn’t scream out to me, so dressing is at the bottom of my list.

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