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Students Share Their Favorite Halloween Movies

Raye'gan Griddine, Reporter
October 27, 2022

     Entering October, students are getting into the spooky spirit. As Halloween approaches, there are many spine-chilling movies showing. Students know exactly what frightening, chilling, and eerie movies to watch.

     Junior Kalem Williamson shares his list.

Q: What are your favorite movies to watch around Halloween?

A: “Jeepers Creepers, The Nun, and Halloween. My number one is Jeepers Creepers because of my brother being scared of something that’s not scary at all. It’s about a man that’s killing people and these kids follow him. They got in his business and found a dead body. He could smell the boy's clothes. He was trying to kill him; he had a truck. It was crazy.”

Q: What message do you think it conveys?

A: “It helps me realize why I mind my business. Mind your business and you won’t get got.”

     Senior Sabree Duren shares her top three scary movies.

Q: What are your favorite movies to watch around Halloween?

A: “Hocus Pocus, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Halloween. Hocus Pocus is better than all of them because it’s like a Disney movie and I love Disney movies. It’s about these three witches, they come back from the dead and they haunt kids and try to eat kids on Halloween night.”

Q: How does the movie relate to you?

A: “The movie doesn’t really relate to me but I think it’s fun because it’s interesting and it really just reminds me of my childhood. I think the message that it conveys is to not go outside by yourself on Halloween night.”


     Senior Jaiden Owens shares his bone-chilling movies.

Q: What are your favorite movies to watch around Halloween?

A: “IT, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Candyman.”

Q: What are your top movies out of those three?

A: “Most definitely IT, me personally I feel like it’s the best out of the things I said. I don’t know, I still think about it sometimes. When I see a yellow coat it just comes to my head. It’s about this kid named Georgie, he went missing and everyone’s trying to find him and nobody knows there’s like a killer clown on the loose. The kids, the main characters, eventually find out and his plan is to kinda make them scared of him so he can get more power.” 

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