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Comparing Splatoon 1, 2 and 3

Sam Oliver, Reporter
October 27, 2022


     "Splatoon" has become a really popular franchise over the years and started its debut in 2015 on the WiiU. "Splatoon" is a battle royale that meets paintball. Squid-like humans (Inklings) rule the surface as one big community who plays these battles for entertainment. What are these battles called? They’re called Turf Wars. (Just to reel in context)


     Let's talk about the untouched topic real quick.

     There’s a majority of improvements and objectives in the game. "Splatoon 3" now highly involves moving around quicker, but only in its stories and battles.

     Overtime, the game’s current engine generates newer models and code just to make the game a little smoother. The struggle is having older players moving on to the next game that aren’t used to the new sense of stability. Either their controller drifts are more noticeable or motion controls are better off disabled. Even if the controls are difficult, that’s what makes the game a little more interesting. Learning from the newer side of things and giving the developers a chance and patching up whatever’s necessary. There are some bugs here and there, maybe a couple of glitches that are still wandering, but Nintendo started some extra precautions on hackers. Bans got buffed and nobody is safe.


Story-mode gets crazier. 

     Over the course of "Splatoon," there’s always an optional story route throughout the game. This hints at the satisfying lore behind an Inkling’s love of turf wars or their greatest rivals, the Octarians. 

     As "Splatoon 2" released with a new DLC, Octolings (or the Octarians)

collide with the Inkling’s community as equals. This story continues on in the franchise. Because of this change, the story-mode’s theme turns towards world domination from outer sources. During the DLC in "Splatoon 2," a communication speaker wanted to destroy the Inkling’s home. 

     Currently in "Splatoon 3," a bear with the bloodthirsty thirst for salmonid  (another species) eggs. The bear’s name is Mr. Grizz, who was first mentioned in the previous "Splatoon" game. Spoilers ahead, Mr. Grizz turns out to be the main villain of the series who wants to turn every evolved aquatic creature across the world into mammals. Story-mode overall took a very strategic turn. That’s until the player is transported from the Splatlands and into Alterna, which includes more puzzles, time limits, accuracy tests, and more. Callie and Marie are back to help the player on their journey ever since 1 and 2, while Captain Cuttlefish and a familiar player (that just so happens to be the player’s old character from "Splatoon 2") will be of assistance also. 

     A new feature that I just love to bits is your own Little Buddy. This is a salmonid pet that will accompany the player throughout story-mode. (Note: Little Buddy can be seen in Splatsville enjoying the sights)

     His derpy little eyes are so adorable. You forget he’s an enemy, because he was soothed by the Calamari Inkantation. It’s not the first time music healed the souls of enemies, that’s the reason why Octolings were a part of the game.

     I think the surprising part of this story is DJ Octavio’s Character. He’s the leader of the Octarians that was bitter for years after The Great Turf War (a battle in which the Inklings won over the land they evolved on today). During the course of Splatoon 1 and 2, DJ Octavio was the main antagonist. He was the antagonist for a little while in the third, but that’s because he didn’t know the Octarians were under the control of Mr. Grizz. One big misunderstanding later, he joins in on the big battle at the end and helps the player succeed. I’m not sure if he gained control of the Octarians right after or he’s finally found peace with the Inklings, but it doesn’t say for sure. At least it helps his character. 






DeepCut is here to stay.


     First there was Callie and Marie (Inklings). Then Pearl and Marina (Inkling and Octoling).

     Finally, we get Shiver, Frye & Big Man (Octoling, Inkling and Manta Ray). "Splatoon 3’s" newest Idols is the first to have three members and a collage of different ethics.

     Frye's outfit and the way she dances and sings, is a possible connection in traditional Middle Eastern/Indian culture. As for Shiver, she turns towards traditional Japanese culture. Big Man doesn’t look the type since he’s the first manta ray seen in the game. However, when he performs at Splatfests, his genre is somewhat samba sounding and assumed to be influencing Brazilian culture. The three work and co-host Anarchy Splatcast, which is a news show in Splatsville that airs daily and during Splatfests. 

     Splatfests are a festival where Inklings and Octolings choose an idol of choice to represent their current theme. During the Splatfest, all idols serenade Splatsville separately to show their support for their teams, but as the Splatfest comes to a close, the idols come together in one big song. Anarchy Rainbow is the name of their newest song and it’s something I can listen to 24/7. The elements really match up perfectly as the Splatfest comes to an end. Like any other Idol, they’re involved in story-mode with significant roles. All three of them are bandits that warn the player about a certain treasure. Throughout the story, exactly like DJ Octavio, they fight against you and find out it’s just one big misunderstanding. They assumed the player was a thief that wants to take the specific treasure away from them, when their reason was to pull a robin hood act for Splatsville and use it for charity. In the end, they assist the player into defeating Mr. Grizz, with Frye’s Eel mannered personality, Shiver’s shark related ability and Big Man’s as himself. The three generally work together and fit the game’s theme like the three musketeers. I love them equally.

What more happens in Splatsville?

     I started disliking the new TableTurf Battle card game. I understand it’s a new addition to the "Splatoon" franchise, but I don’t think a card game was something anyone wanted. Think of it like Tetris, but in card form. At least the game is run by Marigold, a goldfish tour guide who also runs a shop in the lobby for food and such. She’s like a nice old lady. You can play her and other characters that you will see below and most likely specific Idols passing by.

     Other useful characters in the city are Gnarly Eddy & Nails, who run the hat gear shop (Naut Couture) in Splatsville. Gnarly Eddy is based off of a nautilus while Nails is a pond snail. Nails happens to be the boss of Gnarly Eddy, but players can barely see him in the scene because he’s so small. I like how Gnarly Eddy is chill and laid back exactly like how the past hat shop owners were. Laid back hat shop owners must be a recurring theme.


     Next is Mr. Coco, who is a kindhearted coconut crab that runs the shoe shop (Crush Station) in Splatsville. Mr. Coco spends his day selling shoes despite how intimidating he is to other species. He’s shy, but cares about what his customers want when it comes to footwear and would gladly help anyone. 

     A jellyfish always runs the clothes shop, but this time his name is Jel La Fleur. La Fleur runs the Man o’Wardrobe clothing shop, as his snooty behavior always finds the player disgusted by freshness (popularity ranking). His clothes are somewhat expensive, which always have been throughout the years. I prefer the free Amiibo clothing.


     Last is Harmony, who is a new addition as shopkeeper. She sells locker equipment and stickers, due to the new locker feature being available. She’s a sea anemone who is a singer of a band called “Chirpy Chirps” that played in battles throughout the franchise (1 and 2). This is her first appearance in the game now that she runs the Hotlantis general store. Harmony also has an unnamed clownfish in her hair that stays by her at all times. I love that Harmony is in the game to really show how relaxed and airheaded she is while she’s working.


     Murch isn’t really a new character, but he’s grown up over the years ever since he was only a little boy back in Splatoon 2. Murch’s job is to either help the player’s gear or order new ones in the process. The currency is still Super Sea Snails, which can be rewarded after Splatfests. Murch has really come a long way and hopefully he’ll have a part to play later in the game. 


     The Lobby improved a lot. I love the training area provided before the battles start and the lockers are a great new addition to the franchise. I know some people are disappointed that the apartments weren’t an option, but there’s so much to look at. New hairstyles, character designs, banners and badges, this game has a lot to offer. It gets better whenever you’re playing with friends. 

     Now about the new weapons such as the Splatana and the Stringer… They’re not for everyone. I’ve tried them multiple times and see how I’d improve with these weapons, but I got terrible results. The Splatana can cover a lot of turf if the map is large, some maps aren’t the case. The Splatana is somewhat similar to brushes, but how it releases ink vertically stumps me everytime I use it. The Stringer however is also a new weapon that didn’t strike me fancy. It acts like a charger. I’m not too great with chargers.












Salmon Run gets harder.

     Salmon Run is an alternative multiplayer mode that all fans loved ever since it was introduced in "Splatoon 2." Salmon Run takes place at Grizzco Industries as the player is a part-time employee working under Mr. Grizz. The objective is to get Salmonid eggs, which are obtained by Salmonid bosses. If the player has enough Salmonid eggs, they’re experience will increase to get either promoted or paid. The new features I liked were the little shops with locker equipment and work suits, as well as the sudden X-TREME challenges by the end of the rounds (if gauge is full). A little secret that not many players saw is the post the story-mode secret, but it’s only a brief change of Mr. Grizz’ statue design in the workplace. It shows a salmon taking a bite of a tiny Mr. Grizz statue. 






 "Splatoon 3" came out in September and I’m proud of what this franchise has become and the people who helped it grow. I wish to see "Splatoon 3" continue that growth for the rest of the year.

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