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Students Share Their Favorite Lunch Entrée

Dayanne Parra, Reporter
December 9, 2022


     Every school has a cafeteria. They all tend to have cooked meals for students. While the mentioned students are around the school learning. These students are always thinking about when lunch is or how soon. Though the biggest thought in their mind is if it’s going to be good that day. 


     Sometimes lunches can change how your day is going. If you are already having a good day at school and you see that your favorite lunch item is there that day, your mood will grow better too. You could also have a bad day and the opposite could happen, just because of a meal served at school. 


     We wanted to know (or more so were curious about) what was the favorite lunch served. We asked students around the school what the best/favorite lunch food was in their opinion.

"It’s gotta be the Pizza Crunchers," freshman A'laynna Higgins said.

"If I do eat lunch, it’ll be the Pizza Crunchers," sophomore Nicole Higgs said.

"Probably the Orange Chicken," senior Kelly Sharp said.

"The Orange Chicken," junior Joshua Ramon said. 

     Everyone interviewed had their input that three meals were the best. They were the Orange Chicken, Pizza Crunchers, and Buffalo Crunchers, in that order.

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