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Students and Staff Showcased Their Outfits

Dayanne Parra, Reporter and Photographer

Erin Seals, Reporter and Photographer

September 28, 2022

     Students and faculty took the halls by storm with their clean fits. Crocs, socks and sandals were common wear between students and staff with vibrant colors and bright hues painting the halls. Coming calm, cool and collected they come through with the attire. From the field to the classroom,  makes its mark! Some comfy, others bold nonetheless Raytown knows how to throw down with the fits!

     Some care for individuality and style while others care for comfort. Teachers were no different with their choice of dress.



Marketing and Business Student Teacher

Business student teacher, Kionna Dickerson, always comes to work in style. 

Q: Can you tell us about your outfit?

A: “So I have on a silk set from Fashion Nova. It’s not pajamas by the way; but it’s a stylish set. It’s silk and it’s  an auburn color, like a burnt orange color and then I have gold accessories with pearls.”


English Teacher

She spares no casualties when killing the hallway with her expressive style and fiery purple locks. In this look she was caught wearing a flowy cloud inspired dress, beautiful puff sleeves and colorful rainbow jewel necklace. She also sets off the look with her low top crochet shoes.

Q: “What’s your favorite part of your outfit?” 

A: “My shoes.”

IMG_9478 (1)_edited.jpg



Found in the choir room orchestrating and accompanying our music classes, Caleb McCaroll, school accompanist, works in a polished and refined outfit. He sports a navy blue button up and khaki slacks. The look is then pulled together by warm toned dress shoes and a belt to cinch the waist. Even in his everyday wear he is posh, with a calm and collected look.

Q: “What is your favorite part of your outfit today?”

A: “My shoes. They are brand new.”




Students  are also up to par with the dress as well. Junior Amiya Jimmerson wears a baby pink oversized cardigan and skinny jeans. Ruffled socks and circle rimmed glasses compliment the silhouette of the outfit and the skinny jeans balances everything out. The fluffy materials and pink outfit makes a fun and light outfit for a simple day of a student.

Q: “What is your favorite part of your outfit?"

A: “The rings and the jewelry just accentuated, My little drip.”



Junior Ever Benavidez puts together a simple and comfortable fit with warm tones of brown and black. An oversized tee compliments the movement of the outfit and the hat brings the look to a cozy and snug fall fit. 

Q: “What's your favorite part of your outfit?”

A: “My pants.”

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