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Favorite Disney Movies Ranked

Ranyah Rawlings, Reporter

October 27, 2022

the princess and the frog.png

"The Princess and the Frog"

     In the amazing movie, Tiana has dreams of opening a restaurant of her own, she had a bump in the road when she met Prince Naveen, who was a frog when she met him. The prince needed her help to break the spell that was put on him and thought Tiana was a princess. But when she kissed him she turned into a frog herself. It gets five stars because Tiana was the first black princess. All kids love princesses and want to be one but have never seen a black one until “The Princess and the Frog” came out. She showed how powerful black women are. Tiana also shows that if you make a promise you have to keep it. She made a promise to the frog and she kept it.


     In the movie the two sisters, Elsa and Anna face many challenges when Elsa has very dangerous ice powers that can kill Anna. They are separated, and Elsa disappears trying to protect her sister. Anna falls in love with Prince Hans who just wanted to marry her for the title.  “Frozen” shows the importance of sisterhood. No matter how much sisters fight, they still love each other. Since their mother died all they had left was each other. Elsa was very powerful and her powers could kill Anna, so she was protecting her by staying away. In the end Anna’s heart becomes frozen from being striked by the powers, the way to stop it was a kiss from a true love and Hans just watched her get sick and wanted her to die so he can have the castle to himself. When Hans tried to kill Elsa and stepped in front protecting her sister. 

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     Throughout the movie, it shows that you can be anything, just like the theme song. But you have to work in order to be anything. Judy doesn’t care what anyone says about how she can’t be the first bunny police officer. She worked so hard during the police academy. She passed the test and became an officer. But she only got there by working really hard, she proved everyone wrong.

"Inside Out"

     "Inside Out" is about all the emotions that are happening inside of Riley’s mind, it shows how your emotions run through your mind. So many different emotions that happen, and how you try to stay happy like the character, Joy. But you can’t always stay happy. Things happen and you become sad, angry and confused. That’s why I gave it 3/5 because Joy kept trying so hard to not let Riley have other emotions.

inside out.png


     One of the main characters named Bolt (dog) is on a TV show but he doesn’t even know. He thinks the powers he has are real. He is in New York when he meets a cat and a hamster and finds his owner, Penny. The only part of the movie I really love is the attachment between Penny and Bolt. You can see the love between the two. They are each other’s emotional support. But there was no theme and no lesson. There was nothing taught.

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