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New Playstation and Microsoft Game "Stray" Debuted In Summer

Adrianna Loyd, Reporter

September 28, 2022

Stray_20220914134009 (1).jpg

     “Stray” released July 12th to Playstation, and Microsoft Windows. Created by Blue Twelve Studios, “Stray” is a single player, indie adventure video game about a stray cat venturing his way through a dystopian world to reach the “Outside.” With a decent price of $29.99, players will be able to experience the life of a stray cat in a dystopian world, where humans are no longer around. From very interactive and realistic cat features like scratching objects, sleeping, jumping, and even a feature to “meow.” 

     The game starts in this almost Utopian world. Very bright, very green and peaceful. A cat ventures off with his friends, to reach an unknown destination. The main character (the cat) falls into an underworld, dystopian-like setting which is the complete opposite of what he just came from. As the game moves on, the player will come across mild obstacles, and puzzles to find his way to a “flat.” A small apartment containing a robot that will help and guide the player through the “slums,” a city filled with robots who are hiding from a species called the Zurks. As you move on, you meet a character who was on a mission to get to the “Outside,” a world free of Zurks.

     This game is very slower paced than most story based games. It’s a game where you have to make more time for. It’s not just a “play and go” game. It's definitely a game to play all the way through, because we always want to know what happens next. The suspenseful, but calming vibe of the game makes it very easy to play and enjoy. If I were to rate this game for the gameplay and story, I’d give it a four out of five stars. It's a great game when it comes to graphics, realistic features, and creativity, it’s definitely worth the money and time put into this game.

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