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Growing Chess Club

Dominic Clauson, Reporter
October 27, 2022

     Chess is a strategic game where players attempt to fool their opponent by moving 16 pieces around a checkerboard in order to checkmate their king. The different possibilities are almost endless, and players nearly never have the same game twice. Chess Club meets after school on Monday from 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. and was led by Counselor Jennifer Northcutt.


     “Chess is a great way to not only practice critical thinking and strategy but I think it’s very calming,” Northcutt said. “Although sometimes it can be very frustrating, it’s also very quiet. It’s a quiet game; it’s very zen. So I just really wanted to bring that opportunity to students.”


     While chess can be a competitive game, it can also be a stress reliever and fun. 


     “For now it is just leisurely but we do want to get into some tournament groups,” Northcutt said. “And we’re also thinking about partnering with the middle school chess club, or maybe the South Chess Club if they have one up and running, and maybe doing some competitions with them– friendly competition with them.”




Photo by Jennifer Northcutt

     Coaching in anything can make a world of difference, and this doesn’t exclude chess. 


     “There are some organizations in the area that have people who would come in and kind of help develop skills in students who are wanting to grow their skills,” Northcutt said. 


     All students are able to join the Chess Club.


     “I would just encourage anyone who is reading this to reach out and be interested in, even if they only played chess a few times or even if they don’t know anything about it and wanna learn, I would just encourage them to come out,” Northcutt said. “It’s a really fun opportunity and is a really good thing to get involved in.”

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