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Who's Hot and Who's Not?

Blu Brown, Reporter
February 3, 2023

     “Animal Crossing” is one of the most beloved and well-known games out of Nintendo and from the history of games in total. Though there are many features of the game to explore such as running your museum and using the crafting system, many of its players such as myself are always drawn to the villagers. These cute little animals are always willing to join in on your town whether it’s by villager hunting or using Amiibo cards to scan them into the game. Some of these creatures might not be so pleasing to be around than others.


     There’ll definitely be a good list of them that are on the ugly factor. Since there’s around 413 of these villagers, they can be classified in either 35 different species or eight personality traits. Their species can either be an anteater, bear, cow, bunny, and more. For a villager’s traits they can either be cranky, a jock, lazy or smug for guys and normal, peppy, snooty or sisterly for girls.


     I’ll be ranking my own top ten ugliest villagers according to my opinions and interests. Please note that I won’t include every villager in this list, such as all of the gorilla villagers to save up on time and from other mishappenings.


#10: Hazel

     As she’s the most safe out of the others in this list, Hazel is in tenth place. She’s one of the few moderately popular villagers in the game. Her design is mainly cute along with her little buck tooth, but the ugliest flaw is her unibrow. It doesn’t fit well on her and it would’ve been better without it to make her much better. She also seems to be the first and only villager that has unibrows on their face. Fortunately, her fun and adorable personality makes up for her looks so she’s safe on the list for now.

#9: Katt

     Just like Hazel, Katt is also part of the few moderately popular villagers in the game. My only problem with Katt’s ugliness is how closely her eyes are spaced with her unsettling smile. The three strip markings on her face also doesn’t really feel right to me than the ones on the sides of her face, but it’s not like Tabby’s so I can’t really complain. The first minute I saw Katt, she gave me the impression of the stereotypical bully that might put up a fight if you don’t do what they say. Though I don’t completely hate her, I have a good heart towards her personality, as she makes up for being a good sisterly villager and I love her interests towards rock.


#8: Tabby

     Although Tabby is supposed to be a tabby cat, she doesn’t fit the idea with her character design. Some of the stripes on her face don’t fit too well, especially with the ones on top. What really makes me feel off, is from her pig-like nose and her eyes that might also have purple eyeshadow. It’s not really what I’d expect a cat villager to look like from Ankha or Raymond, but I guess the designers just had Tabby as a last minute idea. They should’ve at least tried to make more efforts into designing her as a peppy villager appearance wise too.

#7: Limberg

     This name definitely suits the mouse apart from his cranky personality with like minded villagers with this trait. Not all of the mouse villagers are completely hideous than others, but Limberg definitely takes the cake for them. His unshaven face would make someone think of him as a beer belly father, and his eyebrows make him seem very unpleasant. If he were one of my cranky villagers on the island, he would probably be making his exit. What even makes him more ugly is his name; a shortened name for the real life Limburger cheese, which has a strong but horrid odor.


#6: Stinky

     Stinky is a cat villager with a jock personality that’s mainly in love with sports, especially wrestling. From the first second I saw him, he made me want to look the other way and even wanted to make me shrivel up after figuring out that he’s my birthday twin. His face is completely covered by what seems to be red and blue underwear apart from his eye and mouth, so his appearance should say enough. His eyes also seem to look closed all the time due to how rectangular shaped his eyes and eyebrows are. 


     Stinky’s trait is mainly known for being a jock, but when it comes to wondering why he wears his mask so often, I’m pretty sure that it’s there to help live up to his name; basically being stinky. 

#5: Jitters

     If Jitter’s wouldn’t have been one of the ugliest villagers in the game, he’d for sure be one of the scariest. His face is the clear definition of his name “Jitter’s”. He already looks like he saw something that changed his life after all, so it’s probably why his eyes look so terrifying. I’m not sure what the character designers were thinking when making him, but I definitely feel like they could’ve taken him out of the game with him looking like that. It even gets unsettling whenever he gets angry with his menacing looks, so I’m hoping that he won’t be in the next part of the “Animal Crossing” series with any of  the villagers involved. 


#4: Marlo

     Marlo is one of the countless ugly villagers that I’d guarantee to stay away from, especially with his little fedora-type hat and shades. I always hated his design as it made me think of the cruel protagonist of the second movie of “The Human Centipede”, but I try to stay away from such terrible thoughts. His other impression he gives me makes me feel like he’d try to one-up you and just brag about anything no matter what. Surprisingly, Marlo is allegedly part of an “underground organization”, which might also be a sign to stay away from the suspicious hamster.


     In simpler terms, if you ever get Marlo on your island then I’d suggest kicking him out or replacing him while looking the other way.

#3: Al

     The gorilla villagers are considered part of the ugliest, but the poster child for all of these guys would be Al. With him being the third jock villager in this list, it’s pretty clear that the jock villagers seem to have an ugly duckling type trait when it comes to them. His main ugly trait of his is looking at him would be his unsettling, void filled eyes as he stares back at you, but his bushy brows are horribly made. I especially don’t really like his lips, but as he’s a gorilla of course they’re all going to have hideous features like Al’s. 


#2: Barold

     It’s no wonder Barold’s popularity is only there to become one of the most hated out of any foul looking villagers in the game. It’s pretty clear his eyes are pretty tiny, which makes note of what seems to be his glasses that cover up his face. He’s also one of the few villagers like Limberg that has that beer-belly dad-type face due to how unshaven it is, showing his unkempt and very dark beard. It doesn’t help that his lips are reminding me of the gorilla villagers so much that he could even be a distant cousin to all of them. 


     His tiger-striped shirt is completely revolting when it comes to fashion sense, but it would probably make sense due to his lazy trait blended in with his crusty unshaved beard. Nonetheless, it’s a guaranteed fact that the bear is one that any “Animal Crossing” player can’t stand and rightfully so. Always run the other way and kick Barold out if he ever shows up on your island.


#1: Hippeux

     There were some great candidates for the first place of the ugliest villager, but I can only select one. Hippeux is the ugliest. He already gives off the snobby rich man look aside from his trait to be smug, but his eyes are completely horrid. Fortunately his poster has his eyes closed, but just even staring at him might make me throw up. Glasses definitely won’t work well on him for any fashion pieces, as his nose is the biggest culprit and his hair doesn’t make things better either. Maybe some of these villagers like Hippeux should just get kicked out of the game more than just the player’s town. 

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