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Passing Period Too Long or Short

Ranyah Rawlings, Reporter

September 28, 2022

     Each passing period was five minutes that consists of blocked stairways, crowded halls, and the possibility of tardies. Some students believe that five minutes is not long enough.

     “You only get two e-hall passes a day, so you try to fit in between passing periods and you barely have time to do that,” senior Rhaya Mitchell said. 

     The hallways are very packed and coming from the third floor to the bottom floor can be difficult with large crowds.

     “With the crowd in the hallways, it can take a lot of time to get to your class. Especially, let’s say for example your class is on the art floor and your next class is the business hallway like Ms. Natali or Ms. Pulverniti, it can take a while because of how slow people walk and distance,” junior Peris Frazier said.

    There are positives to having a set amount of time for passing between classes. 

     “Positives of the schedule in general is to prepare our students for life outside of school, life beyond school, and adjusting themselves to a schedule is part of a life skill with. We want students to know and be accustomed to being on time to places, to classes, is something we want our students to know. It is very important when they graduate,” assistant principal Clint Scroggins said.

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