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Teachers Are Also Coaches/Sponsors

Doniesha Funderburke, Reporter

September 28, 2022

     Various teachers are not only teachers, but they are also coaches and/or supervisors for several activities. Some of those teachers have been coaching and supervising and teaching for years, while some of them are newer to the game. Teachers make it possible for the school to have sports teams and organizations, all the while juggling between making time for their personal lives and teaching.

     Lauren Hurst is a Spanish teacher and the head coach of boys and girls golf. Hurst balanced many things at once.

     “It's hard to have a work life balance. I know teachers do it better than me; but, because I teach upper level classes. I have more work, but also by choice, than maybe other teachers from other content areas,” Hurst said. 

     She is not the only one grappling with the task of being a teacher and coach, though. Kaitlyn Green sponsors ceramics and coaches tennis.

     “I can’t stay after school. I have to rush out of here,” Green said. “And my class has a lot of maintenance, such as loading kilns and recycling clay.”

     Being a sports coach is already hard enough, but some teachers have to maintain high maintenance, very hands-on classes, and family. FACS teacher and FCCLA advisor Rochelle Netten said it is possible to involve family in school activities. 

     “I have to stay later at school in order to have the meetings, because they have to be outside of school time,” Netten said. “But sometimes, if possible, I involve my children. For instance, say we volunteer at Harvesters, I might have my kids go along so they can be a part of the process too. Or if I’ve gone to state conferences, my family has been able to come along and experience it as well.” 

     There are some good things that are added to life about being a teacher and a coach or supervisor. 

     “It allows me to know students in a different way, and it allows me to interact with kids who I don't necessarily have in class,” Netten said. 

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