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School Year Without COVID-19 Restrictions

Shawn Hulen, Reporter

September 28, 2022

     Students and staff have been struggling with morale the past years following covid, but this year might be able to change that streak. 

     “Virtual school just made it to where the kids weren’t used to talking to each other, interacting with me,” English teacher Jasmine Deveraux said.  “The quick turnaround of waking up at seven, having seven classes, having work in all those classes, it was a painful transition.”

     Things have changed in this new school year.

     “This year is the closest I’ve felt to normal since 2020. I’m back to classes of potentially 33 students who are excited to be around each other; they want to talk to each other. They can’t keep their hands off each other, but I think they have been kind of starved of the normal classroom like that high school experience,” Deveraux said.

     Even though this year is much better than last, there is still room for improvement.

     “I would really love to see more spirit around the school so like more participation at sports and games, more participation in spirit week, and specifically for myself I want to join more clubs and be more involved in the school because I really want to have my high school experience be a good one,” junior Arcianne Soria said.

     The desire to be more involved is shared between staff and students. 

      “I was one of many staff members that felt very uncomfortable coming back into the school because I really didn’t know how COVID-19 worked, but now I feel a lot more comfortable supporting the students in their activities and extracurriculars,” Deveraux said. “I want NHS to be more hands-on and present in the building, as the National Honors Society sponsor. And also I really want to give my kids time to interact with each other hands-on projects, working in groups, working in partners, doing things here physically.”

     The student body and staff have high hopes for this school year. 

      “I’m just really excited about this year,” Deveraux said. “In all, the morale has been better, I mean student discipline has been low, and lower physical altercations, for the most part kids are doing well in their classes. I think it’s been a really positive start to the school year.” 

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