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Step Team Forms

Erin Seals, Reporter

Zaire Reed, Reporter and Photographer

December 9, 2022


     Many clubs and organizations are open to the students, and one of the newer groups is the Step team. Sophomore Simone Seals and sponsor Sabrina Porter revived the step team and brought back a new culture of dance. 


     The task wasn't the easiest but Seals still pushed through to build a great experience. In the push to create someone new, it’s always best to have a good team by side. 


     Senior Amya Winters shares her love for Step and the build up to their work.  


     "At the end of the day we all eventually get it and when we get it, we look good," Winters said. 


     The step team is full of rhythmic sound and energetic use of movement that sets Step 

apart and places a new form of expression. Step is a form of dance that originates in Black culture, and the members of Step hope to represent their culture with pride. 


     “As a student in black culture I want kids when they see me to understand it’s all about confidence,” Winters said. “Like I’m not the greatest person when it comes to rhythm but you’re going to see me move and with our culture.”       


     Step performs at many home basketball games cheering and showing spirit to those on the court. Step will also be competing and gaining more experience throughout this upcoming season. 

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