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MARCH 3, 2023


Photo by Sam Oliver


Photo by Sam Oliver

     “Tomodachi Life” was a life simulation game made by Nintendo that was first released in 2013 for the 3Ds. Originally, Tomodachi life was based off of the Japanese exclusive, Tomodachi Collection, which was released in 2009 for the Ds. Ever since Collection gained popularity in Japan, Nintendo decided to remake the game so that anyone in the world can play. “Tomodachi Life” has the same mechanic as the Collection, but there’s a variety of changes and new features fit based on the copy you buy it from. The premise of the game is simple: you're on a desolate island and the only way to progress is to make different types of Mii characters (virtual people that describe you or others).

     The more Miis on your island, the more opportunities you unlock, such as friendships, problem solving, unrelated conversations and even giving your Miis a life. It’s a social simulation that gives you time to bond with your Miis, as well as give them a choice on what they want to be based on their personality. Basically, you’re god.

Why are old fans upset after the latest Nintendo Direct?

     Nintendo Directs have always been a live event that showcases upcomings and previews of new or old games. Anyone who is participating in watching the live event of a Nintendo Direct, expectations are high and low. Whether or not the game you wanted is currently in production or a new DLC is announced without a second thought. During these moments in gaming history, there’s a right to be upset, but the mature way to end it off is to accept it and move on. That didn’t stop the fans of a specific game from creating one on their own, before Nintendo shuts it down the best they can. 

     “Mother 3” was one of those examples. It was also a Japanese exclusive game that wasn’t sold anywhere in the U.S. Instead, fans tried to revive it by buying the exclusive copy and translating it into their own. “Tomodachi Life” didn’t have that problem, nor did “Nintendogs”. “Tomodachi Life” was loved by players across the globe and was even nominated by The Game Awards for Best Family Game. The problem was during the recent Nintendo Direct on Feb. 8, where older games that include the gameboy advance and other previous titles were mentioned.

     No other titles from the 3Ds were mentioned as getting a remake or ported. The only few were included in the Nintendo Online membership package, which became controversial between older fans. The closest game to “Tomodachi Life” that was actually ported on the switch is “Miitopia”. “Miitopia” was released on the 3Ds in 2016, which soon made its way to the switch in 2021. The game had a completely different genre that still involved the loveable Miis and their roleplaying adventures.

     Why were fans still upset about “Tomodachi Life” during the Direct? It was because Nintendo didn’t have plans for “Tomodachi Life” and focused on popular titles of the current year. “Splatoon 3” is getting a DLC, “The Legend of Zelda” series is getting a new game and “Pikmin” fans apparently won the battle and are getting a fourth. Even though “Tomodachi Life” was nothing more than a simulator, Nintendo is putting out games that seem more interesting than putting in the work to enhance a person’s creativity. If “Miitopia” can be remastered, “Tomodachi Life” can too, because without Tomodachi being the first concept of Mii interaction, “Miitopia” wouldn’t even be a game focused on it.

Rumors might be the cause of the outrage.

     It was said that “Tomodachi Life” was going to be ported on the switch in 2021, then 2022, then 2023. In a recent article on The Fanon Wiki, they counteract the rumors by saying, “As of 2022, the game has NOT been released, there seem to be no plans from Nintendo to do so yet.” Meaning fans and other people who acknowledge the game as a whole are desperate enough for a simulated version of themselves with the made up person of their dreams. Just on a switch. With false information spreading and a silent response from Nintendo, there might not be much hope for this memorable 3Ds simulator game.

     Many 3Ds games are either shut down or developing as ports, but the world may never know when their favorite “old” game will be seen in a newer generation. “Tomodachi Life” was loved by many, but they’re not the only game who’s been silenced. Some have already forgotten its existence.

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