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DECEMBER 8, 2023

     As we countdown the days to Christmas, there are plenty of movies that help prepare us for the big day. I prepared my top five best Christmas movies to watch throughout the holidays. These films are ranked based on production, comedic relief and overall plot. 


  1. Home Alone

Released in 1990, Kevin Mcallister portrayed by Macaulay Culkin is left behind the day before his family Christmas vacation. At just ten years old, Kevin must fend for himself and fight for his home while his family is away. This classic will always be the best way to spend the season. Despite being an older movie, Home Alone is one of the best for its funny scenes. For example one of the favorites being the television scene where Kevin tries to scare off robbers trying to invade his house using the sound from an old movie. 

   2. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 

Released in 1989, Clark Griswold and his family are hosting Christmas in their home. The Griswolds encounter many hiccups during their holiday. With faulty Christmas lights, pushy in-laws, and questionable Christmas presents, this movie is a great way to laugh during the holidays. Although this film being overlooked by other Christmas movies, this movie has its very silly and fun moments. For example, the scene where Clark Griswold finds out he won’t receive his christmas bonus from his job and throws a tantrum in front of his family. 


    3. Elf

Released in 2002, starring Will Ferrel, Buddy is from the North Pole sent to find his biological father. Buddy must travel the state of New York to find his father and save Christmas along the way. One of the very iconic and favorite scenes is when Buddy is extremely excited about the arrival of Santa Claus in a department store as he screams and jumps up and down. 



    4. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Released in 2000, starring Jim Carrey, this movie is set in Whoville where Christmas is the most celebrated holiday. Cindy Lou Who, an 8 year old girl, encounters the Grinch and discovers why he hates Christmas. This movie being a remake of the classic animated film makes it so much more meaningful. It’s silly and sweet, and is a good movie to watch during the season. Most favorite and iconic scene is Cindy Lou Who’s song “Where Are You Christmas?”. Where she pleads for the big day to arrive. 


    5. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Released in 1993, directed and created by Tim Burton, this animated film is centered around Jack Skelington from the world of Halloweentown, who discovers the wonders of Christmas town. With a good twist on both holidays, this movie has a great stop-motion animation, and story. The opening scene being the top favorite and the most iconic song “This is Halloween”, this movie is a good representation of both Halloween and Christmas. 







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