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Students share their feelings about walking a long distance to and from school.

Audrey Turner, Reporter

September 28, 2022

     Many students are left stranded amidst bus driver shortage. With less and less available bus drivers, more students are left without viable transportation to school. 

     Students feel like the two-mile rule is unfair and they should not be left with no choice but to walk to school. 

     “I feel like 2 miles is a very long way to walk to school especially in certain weather and with certain health issues such as asthma,” sophomore Ash Steavenson said.

     Many buses are overflowing with students which have students cramped into seats together just to fit.

     “On my bus, there is so many students that they have to pile on top of each other and have 3 people in the same seats sometimes and sometimes there’s no room so some have to be in the aisle,” senior Danel Laulu said.

    Some buses are carrying only a handful of students and making people wonder why they can’t pick up some students if they have the room. 

     “There’s only like 6 to 7 people on my bus. There’s so much room and I don’t know why we can’t pick up some other students. Kids the street over from me have no bus, why can’t we just pick them up?” sophomore Sofia More said.

     While the opinion of the two-mile rule is split, some believe that it’s fine and not too far to walk if necessary.  

     “I think that while 2 miles isn’t that far, it still is too far to walk, especially in certain weather conditions,” More said. “In the heat there is risk of heat stroke and other heat related accidents, while in the winter there is risk of frostbite or just getting too cold and you could also slip on ice and hurt yourself badly.”

   Extra space could be utilized on buses for the students that have to walk or find another way to school.

     “I believe that they should be utilizing the extra space they have on the almost empty buses in order to give some aid to those needing transportation,” Steavenson said. 

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