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November 9, 2023

     As we get closer to Thanksgiving, it gives us the opportunity to think about the historical benefits from the 1621 Autumn feast, where British Colonists and Native Americans came together to eat. Thanksgiving gives us the opportunity to take a break from our already busy lives to celebrate with family and friends and  spend quality time with each other; cooking and communicating with each other, building even more layers to the relationships we have.














     Many feel that Thanksgiving is known only for its good qualities and hides the dark history behind it, but the fact that good qualities exist from such tragedies shows evidence of the ability to come together in harmony, face each other's differences, even if others seem to have bad intentions.








     Sharing a meal with family and friends builds a sense of togetherness; cooking  turkey, cranberry sauce, pies and ham for others symbolizes the generosity we have for each other.


     Thanksgiving is not only just a feast, it is a symbolization of selflessness and generosity. The generosity the Native Americans had for the British colonists as they fed them and opened their arms to welcome them, even if the colonists repaid them in enslavement of their people, keeps the Native Americans in a positive light because they opened their arms in the first place, ready to accept each other.With that information, Thanksgiving should not only be remembered for the negative parts, but how we were able to open our hearts to each other, and embrace each other as learning, growing human beings and not against that.

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