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King and Queen Winners Announced at Homecoming

Markiya Donahue, Reporter
Adrianna Loyd, Reporter
October 8, 2022

     During the homecoming football game against William Chrisman High School on Oct. 7th, 10 students were nominated as Homecoming Royalty. Some of the winners include: 

Freshmen Winners:

-Troy Hook

He was the first named winner for the freshmen homecoming candidate.


Sophomore Winners:

-Mya Wilson

She was the first named winner for the Sophomore homecoming candidate.


Junior Winners:

-Cierra Waters

She was the first named winner for the Junior homecoming candidate.


Troy Hook


At the homecoming dance on Oct. 8th, the King and Queen were announced.

King: Jaylin Johnson

Queen: Aniyah Fletcher 

Congratulations to the nominees and winners!

Aniyah Fletcher

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