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New Head Coach Brings New Ideas

Dominic Clauson, Reporter and Photographer
December 9, 2022


     Scholar Bowl is a MSHSAA that plays trivia at competitions at different high schools. Trivia is a way to test your mental capacities and knowledge. Scholar bowl starts in Nov. and lasts until one of the first weekends of April. The students played with a timer and button they pushed when they had the answer. 


     “I like it because it tests out our knowledge nonstop,” junior Arcianne Soria said. “You necessarily don’t have to be the smartest in a specific subject. You just have to know random facts and you can do good.”


     The team plans on doing better than last year, since they lost quite a bit the past year. 


     “We had quite the bad record,” sophomore Samuel McCarroll said.


     This is Tyler Uptegrove’s first year as head coach.


     “I’ve been assistant coach for two years,” Scholar Bowl coach Tyler Uptegrove said. This is my first year of heading up the program so that’s really awesome.”


     Uptegrove is making plans to make the Scholar Bowl better by starting from ground one. 


     “So it’s kind of cool to make my name, and establish myself as head coach. Gotta rebuild, restart this program, so I’m excited,” Uptegrove said.


     Scholar Bowl is running low on members, and anyone can join. 


     “Especially if you have a little niche or like a subject that you know well and do really good in,” Soria said. 

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