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Shortage of Teachers Impacts Schools

Dominic Clauson, Reporter

September 28, 2022

     Teacher shortages have affected schools worldwide. Many teachers have left their job because of the low pay, moving near family, or are just overwhelmed. This can lead to the decline of more teachers and increase stress.

     “There is not a grand effect. There are novel of areas where shortages of teachers has taken its toll,” Assistant Principal Josh Luke said. “But not to the point where it’s been incredibly disrupting to the inner workings of Raytown High School, or the school district.” 

     Although many schools have been affected by the teacher shortages, it’s not so bad that it is affecting students' opportunities to learn in school on a major scale. Teachers are also doing what they need to do in order to compete with this teacher shortage. 

     “Typically for most teachers it’s a calling, they just feel it in their heart. They want to teach, they love helping people,” engineering teacher Brad Drinkwater said. 

     Pay is a large topic for teachers and was the main factor for them leaving. 

     ”One of the things that research says that keeps people in a lot of places besides pay, pay is always a no brainer thing, is a sense of purpose and fulfillment is what really keeps people at a place,” Luke said. “Sometimes that does matter more than money, but inevitably money is the biggest striving factor. Because you have to keep the lights on, you have to feed your family, you need to have experiences with your family.” 

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