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Baby Cakes Bakery Is Open

Zaire Reed, Reporter
Erin Seals, Reporter
Jamari Harris, Photographer
October 27, 2022


Photo by Jamari Harris


Photo by Jamari Harris

     Around the block there is something new cooking up, a local bakery: Baby Cakes Gallery. A fun, and charming spot opens its doors with owner Wanda Mullins in center. With a bright smile and loving atmosphere Mullins, welcomes every customer with warm confections and treats, that not only fill your belly but your heart as well.


     This faith-based business centers their work around community and desires to become a place of solace for youth of the community. She aspires to use her platform and business as a ministry to reach the body and the soul.


     “I'm actually more of a family oriented type of business,” Mullins said.  


     Mullins took on this undertaking, but it wasn’t easy. She came from Georgia and moved north to plant Baby Cakes Gallery in Missouri. Mullins chose the location for the safety and the ability to be closer to her family. 


     “I thought this looked like a bakery, and it’s a police department up the street,” Mullins said. 


     She hopes to expand and take the space she has to make memories for others and build upon the land she was given. 


     “I want to be able to have families participate and come and have fun and build community,” Mullins said. “I want to be a point of contact for children and get them the resources they need.” 




   Take a peek into Baby Cakes Gallery today and try one of their many items located at 5902 Blue Ridge Blvd, Raytown, MO 64133. Popular for their warm, and fluffy cinnamon rolls, their items make your taste buds go wild.


Photo by Jamari Harris

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