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November 9, 2023

     In the auditorium, theater teacher Katie Kolster watched students rehearse, gave tips and reviewed the performances that they are rehearsing to ensure that each actor has their character nailed down perfectly.. They were rehearsing for the upcoming theater performance “Sister Act.”, which is coming very soon, and has been advertised all around the school for a long time beforehand. Rehearsals always take place on Thursdays, so the actors have a lot of downtime the rest of the week to practice by themselves.


     Kolster said why the students think that their work is important.


     “Students think theater is important because they’re able to build a community and develop critical thinking and problem solving skills, and it’s fun all at the same time,” Kolster said.


     “Sister Act” is a musical comedy, based on the popular 1992 film starring Whoopie Goldberg. In the play,Deloris Van Cartier was an up and coming performer who, after witnessing a murder, was sent to a convent. During her stay, she joined the awful, but confident church choir. Through her direction and help, she transformed the drab choir into a glamorous one. 


     Kolster said she is hopeful for the show.


     “I am hopeful that Sister Act will be a great show with lots of energy and that the students will feel proud of their work and that the audience will enjoy it,” Kolster said.


     The cast includes Marissa Johnson as Deloris, Reiko Groves as Michelle and Mary Robert, Ariel Giles as Tina and Mary Patrick, Halie Boardman as Mother Superior, Nigel Turner as Eddie, Chris Saccardi as Monsignor, Antonio Taylor as Curtis, Jeremiah Washington as TJ, Jarvis Walker as Pablo, Michelle Morris as Mary Lazarus, Clara Heiken as Mary Martin of Tours, and Carissa Orozco as Mary Theresa. These students are a mix of new and returning students, allowing the older and more experienced student actors to pass their knowledge onto the younger and less experienced student actors. 


     Many of these students are in theater class already, or have been in theater class before. Kolster has to balance many jobs.


     “My job requires me to wear many ‘hats’, and what I mean by that is I have to manage a lot of things at once,” Kolster said. “I have to be a teacher, I have to manage a classroom, and I have to direct performances, so throughout my day, some classes I’m coaching actors, and other classes we’re using power tools and building things, fixing costumes. Sometimes it feels like one of those circus performers who’s juggling more and more things, so it takes a lot of energy and organization.”


     The crew is led by Mr. Daniel Parman as technical director and stage manager Kay Glosenger. Music direction provided by Alex Kolster and Caleb McCarroll. Other designers include Antontio Taylor (scenic), Lucas McCarroll (lighting), Zander Heap (sound), Marissa Johnson and Deeanna Barbee (costumes), Chase Dernier (props), Reiko Groves and Kiyou Smith (business/publicity), Ariel Giles and Amiya Jimmerson (hair/makeup).  Katie Kolster participated in many theater productions, both as an actor and as a director.


     “I’ve been in many shows,” Kolster said.“Some of my favorite shows I’ve been in were ‘Into The Woods’, ‘The Three Musketeers’ in college, and when there was a student director, I was in a play named ‘Lost In Yonkers’.”

“Sister Act” will run from Nov. 16 to Nov. 18. Student tickets are $5. Adult tickets are $7 in advance and $8 at the door. The show is rated PG-13.

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