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FEBRUARY 3, 2023

     Many seniors in the state of Missouri are preparing to take their Seal of Biliteracy test on March 7. Students are allowed to take this test for additional information and credit on their high school diploma. Although hard work is involved with all the new knowledge of a new language, they are prepared. There are several requirements that need to be met to take the test. Students have to have 18 or above on the reading or writing portion of the ACT or proficient or advanced on the English II EOC. If students are in the ELD program, a score of 4.0 or higher on the ACCESS test is needed. Lastly, they have to submit a portfolio of demonstration of sociocultural competency of helping others in the school or community setting.

Nya Vargas, 12

Q: Why are you taking the seal of biliteracy test?

A: I am taking the Seal of Biliteracy test because I’ve been taking Spanish for quite a few years. I think it is important to be bilingual because it can benefit you in your future and your career.

Q: What do you plan to use the seal for?

A: I plan to use the seal to communicate with my family members who speak Spanish and for my job to help people who do speak Spanish.

Photo by Dayanne Parra

nya vargas.jpg
kelly sharp.jpg

Kelly Sharp, 12

Photo by Dayanne Parra

Q: Why are you taking the Seal of Biliteracy test?

A: I think it could be cool to be bilingual in the state of Missouri.

Q: Why do you plan to use your seal for?

A: If I go into a job of video editing, I’ll be able to expand my clients to Spanish speakers since I’ll be able to speak to them.

     Some states offer possible college credit. Scholarships and internships are more interested in people with the seal. The increased chance of workplace opportunities and The increased pay for speaking a second language proficiently in the same workplace environment. 


     These reasons and much more are why these high schoolers are taking this exam to better their work lives for the future. All the hard work coming from these students is helping them connect with people of other Hispanic/Latinx backgrounds to offer them equal chances in what they need. 

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